The Casitians are Back!

It’s been quite some time since I released “The Expedition” back in 2012. But in that time, I have been working on two novels in that universe, a sequel to “Humans Untied“and a far-prequel – a novel that describes the original capture of human beings in the Neolithic period. The … Continue reading

What’s Next

So, I hope you’ve read my post about why I’m not publishing (that is, selling and marketing) my science fiction anymore. But, I said I’d still be writing, and I am. I just finished the final touches on the newest stand-alone novel, called “The Artifact.” I hope you enjoy reading … Continue reading

What Stories Do We Want To Tell?

I enjoyed my time at FogCon, and I ended up on more panels than I expected. Two in particular, “Focus on Ferguson”, and “Wash Your Hands Before Attending,” (the added panel in which we talked about epidemics, and the “big one”) made me think a lot about dystopia. As I’ve said elsewhere, … Continue reading