The Casitian Universe Expands

The Casitian Universe Series was originally meant to be one trilogy. It was designed to be three books which chronicled the twenty-five years or so after the Casitians contacted Earth, and life for humans on Earth and in the galaxy were forever different. I was going to finish the trilogy, and then go off to write one of several other book ideas set in different universes.I have three different first contact stories that I would like to at some point expand and work on.

But my muse seems to have a different idea. She seems to be completely rooted, at least for now, in this universe I have created. I have now completed the first draft of the fourth novel in this universe. In addition, I have outlines for a second trilogy, which I will start on soon, which tells the original story of how humans came to be taken from Earth 5000 years ago to become the Casitians. And I have ideas for a third trilogy, which will take place chronologically after the first series.

I'm not quite sure why my muse is so insistent. I haven't asked her plainly, because, frankly, I'm enjoying myself. First, I got to explore what would happen if modern Earth humans found out about a galactic civilization, and that there were a lot of other species smarter, more advanced, more civilized, and, well, nicer than we are. Then, in the fourth novel, I got to explore issues of race, slavery, and the realities of 19th Century life in the United States. Next up, I get to explore what it means to be exposed to things that seem completely magical, and find out what happens when human beings from all over the neolithic planet end up together in the same space. What fun!

If you're interested in the first trilogy, they are now available both in paper, from Amazon, and in electronic form from many outlets. I hope to publish the fourth novel, still currently untitled, by the end of the year, perhaps sooner. I'll keep you posted.

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