My Kickstarter Project

I have just lauched my first Kickstarter Project. It is for support for the completion of the 4th novel in The Casitian Universe series. The premise of this fourth novel is:

“What if a Casitian man visited Earth in 1859, and stayed during some of the Civil War? What if he settled in Oregon, fell in love with an American widow, and traveled back with her and her children to the family home in Virginia that she had so desperately wanted to leave, and he posed as her slave during the trip? What if he met and helped a woman who was a slave along the way? What might that be like, and what might happen?”

I'm excited about this, and really hope that everyone who reads this can drop even $5 to help me hire folks to do a professional cover, some editing, and marketing. And you'll get some fun swag if you do!

I'll be posting excerpts from the novel here over the next week or so.

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