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I figured I'd tell folks what I'm working on now. I'm about 30K words into the sequel of “The Right Asteroid,” which I have playfully called a space opera. That novel told the story of a time, almost 100 years in the future, where there are all sorts of colonies and activities in the solar system, and a lone asteroid hunter named Max discovers an alien probe. The backdrop is a fight for Mars independence, a very old secret about an alien base on the Moon, and political intrigue on Earth. It tells the story of the near disasterous first-contact with an alien species called the “Kuroolians.”

This novel, which hasn't been titled yet, is set about five years after the first. A narcissist name Zoetrope happens to run into another species of aliens – one the Kuroolians have encountered before. He uses them (or, maybe they use him?) to take over Ganymede. I'm still ironing out the plot, but two of my most favorite characters ever, Max, and John, a military man who does heroic things, are central characters. There are some other people waiting to have their stories told, like the rambunctious and slightly off-kilter woman who makes Pandora, a tiny moon in the F ring of Saturn, her home.

The series is called “The Cassiopeia Chronicles,” and I'd bet there will be more than just these two novels, but I'm not sure yet.

I hope to finish this novel toward the end of summer. I also have in production “The Expedition” which is in the Casitian Universe series, as well as “The Right Asteroid.” Both should be printed put in eBook format by the end of July. And, sitting on my hard drive is my half-completed novel that outlines the original capture of the humans from Earth in the Paleolithic age, who later settle on Casiti. I hope to pick that back up in the fall.

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