Going Vertical

“Going vertical” is a phrase used often in non-fiction and memoir writing. Going vertical means that in a sense, you are going deeper (and sometimes also higher) in perspective and description at certain points in a book. In memoir, this might involve delving much more deeply into a specific happening, … Continue reading

Whither paper?

I love books, I always have. Ever since I could read, I read all the time. I don't read nearly as much as I used to, because I write so much, but there was a time when I would read three or four nonfiction books a month, and five or … Continue reading

Worldbuilding, Part 5: Travel

I love to write about travel, and when I think about each of the books I've written, travel of one sort or another is an important, or even central, theme.  Space travel is one of the hallmarks of science fiction – a lot of classic science fiction has to do … Continue reading