Fiction vs. Non-fiction

I am between fiction projects, and I decided to really push on a project that has been on the back burner for over a year. It's a book about nonprofit technology, the field I've spent the last 18 years in, 12 years full-time.

Writing non-fiction is in some ways a nice break – it helps me work on something very concrete, and takes a very different kind of creativity. I don't get to make stuff up – I have to spend time doing research. But I do get to determine how I talk about things, and how it's arranged, and how to keep it moving.

There isn't a plot, in the same way, to keep the pages turning, but there will be threads that can be followed (or not), and an arrangment of information that will be conducive for reading and study. And I get to put on paper things that I have had either in my head, or in blog posts or presentations scattered about, all in one organized place.

In this case, production is going to be similar – it will be a self-published book, both in paper and e-book formats. 

Anyway, I'll keep everyone posted on how it's going. And also, check out the Indiegogo campaign to help me get time to write it!


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