New Book: Friends with Wings

friends_with_wingsFULLI’m really happy to announce that my next book, called “Friends with Wings” is going to be published this Friday! You can read an excerpt of it here. I am the featured author for September’s BroadPod, one of the Broad Universe podcasts, so you can also listen to an excerpt (about 20 minutes worth!)

This book includes the first dystopic future that I’ve ever written. It’s a small part of the book, but the main character’s life is deeply impacted by it, especially at the beginning. It’s also the story of this strong young woman, who meets an intelligent native species on another planet, and their interactions and life together.

I hope you enjoy the excerpts, and remember to pre-order the book. It will help me greatly (and, of course, I hope that you’ll love the book!)

There will be lots more to come about this new book in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

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