Characters, Characters, Characters

I’ve been working hard on the sequel to “Becoming Queen.”  25,000 words and counting! There are a lot of characters in the first book, although there is only on point of view (POV) character, Daneli. However, in the sequel, there are several POV characters, which is something I tend to do more often than not. In fact, Becoming Queen and Friends with Wings are the only two novels I’ve ever written (out of 12 so far) that had only one POV character.  For me writing with several POV characters seems to come more naturally.

I’m at the point now when I’m taking a little break from the actual writing, and working out the timeline and characters a little better. There are a lot of members of Daneli’s family, and a lot of them don’t get much air time, but it’s good to have taken care to map them out, since they will likely re-appear in further sequels (the series is called a saga for a reason! I expect, eventually, it may even have as many books as the Casitian Universe Series – which has six so far, four of them published, and two more planned.)

Arlen_colorTo the left is Arlen, a significant member of Daneli’s family, although she’s not a POV character. Arlen is one of Daneli’s spouses, as well as mother to the Eldest child of the family.

One of the great advantages I’ve had for this novel is I decided to get an artist to sketch the characters as I imagine them (or at least close-ish.) I had a number of artists do Daneli, then two do Kaden (also a POV character in this sequel,) then I chose which one to do the rest. It was a really fun exercise, and in the end, I chose a more comic style rather than realistic.

But it’s really helpful to have this visual in better imagining my characters, and who they are, and what they look like. And it’s fun, as well. I think I’ll be doing it for my other novels as well. (I’m SO looking forward to seeing what Max of The Right Asteroid might look like!)


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