Who do you relate to?

Part of the fun of reading or watching good fiction is getting inside the head of the characters, and being able to relate to them, and imagine yourself in their shoes. A long-standing issue in mainstream science fiction and fantasy (which is changing, but slowly) is that the main characters are most … Continue reading

Why I’m giving my books away

It’s a strange time in the publishing world. More and more authors are trying to go independent, leading to what some have called the “content glut” (or more crudely, the “self-publishing shit volcano“.) Major mainstream publishers have pretty much stopped publishing people who they would have even published a few years … Continue reading

My Writing Year

Of course, the end of one year, and the beginning of another is always a great time to reflect on what happened. Writing has it’s ups and downs, peaks and valleys, and this year had plenty of both. I published only one book, although I finished 3 complete drafts, and … Continue reading