My Writing Year

29996281_sOf course, the end of one year, and the beginning of another is always a great time to reflect on what happened. Writing has it’s ups and downs, peaks and valleys, and this year had plenty of both.

I published only one book, although I finished 3 complete drafts, and have started a 4th novel (I’m about 2/3 done.) I toyed a fair bit with trying out my hand at short fiction, and decided I wanted to spend more time working on novel craft.

It was a year that I also got clarity about marketing. With the help of a great coach, Beth Barany, I got clear that instead of having to do everything, and be this marketing machine, I can just do what I really like to do. So that’s my plan.

I’ll be blogging more regularly, working on my podcast project(s), hanging out on Twitter and Facebook, trying to get some other things going. We’ll see what emerges.

On tap for writing:

  • I’m in the middle of the sequel to “Becoming Queen
  • I’ll be publishing¬†“The Human Family,” “Captured,” and “The Artifact” in 2015
  • I hope to start on the sequel to “The Saturn Moon” this year as well

And, last but not least, please Join the Mission! ¬†I will be giving away a book each month. Call it my “Book of the Month” club. Sign up for the newsletter, get a free book every month!

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