Why I’m giving my books away

15956142_mIt’s a strange time in the publishing world. More and more authors are trying to go independent, leading to what some have called the “content glut” (or more crudely, the “self-publishing shit volcano“.) Major mainstream publishers have pretty much stopped publishing people who they would have even published a few years ago. It’s a mess out there.

My books aren’t for everyone. I have never been interested in writing books for the mainstream – even the science fiction mainstream. As I’ve been reminded a few times in reviews, it seems to offend the sensibilities of people who can’t stand to see queer characters (or women, or people of color) get anything except the most trivial mention, and it doesn’t have enough action for many. It’s unabashedly progressive, and interrogates many of our basic societal structures. It incorporates science and spirituality.

I write for three reasons:

  • These worlds and characters won’t let me alone until I write them.
  • I love writing and creating.
  • I want to become the best writer I can be.

I gave up on the idea of making a living at writing a while ago, and the idea of wading into the muck of book publishing as a professional gives me heartache and nausea. Although more than 1000 people have bought (and hopefully read) my books, that’s not a huge number.  And it’s OK. I’m also not a marketing tsunami. I’m not even a marketing puddle.

But I do want people to read my books, especially people who want to see diverse characters, and like to question the way we live and how society is structured. I have heard from people who enjoy my books that they want to see more. They like the worlds and characters that come to me. So I decided that I’d start giving the books away.  They are still for sale, and I’ll still use the marketplaces (Amazon, Smashwords, etc.) for people to discover my work. But I’ll be giving away a book a month to my fans – people who want to read more of my stuff. By the end of the year, you’ll actually have gotten the entire published library!

So, if you haven’t already, join the mission!


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