What’s Next

ArtifactscolSo, I hope you’ve read my post about why I’m not publishing (that is, selling and marketing) my science fiction anymore. But, I said I’d still be writing, and I am. I just finished the final touches on the newest stand-alone novel, called “The Artifact.” I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

And what’s next in the pipeline? Final edits on the sequel to Humans Untied, continuing the Casitian Universe series. Sorry, no more Marianne, Ja’el and that crew – this is the new generation of the family, with new challenges and adventures. I hope to finish the edits by summer. Also in the editing pipeline is what might be called the first possible prequel in the Casitian Universe series – the story of the initial capture of humans from Earth during the Bronze Age by the Tud’scla.

One novel that I hope will round out the year that is largely finished but needs some additional scenes and editing is the sequel to Becoming Queen, tentatively called “The Colonists.”


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