About Me

DSC04339I have been writing science fiction since 2006, and have been an avid reader and fan of science fiction since I started to read. Since I have been both a scientist and a technologist by trade, I went to seminary, and because I’m a┬ápolymath, my interests span a wide range of topics, including science, technology, religion and spirituality, philosophy, history, culture, politics, race, gender, and sexuality. I bring all of these to bear in my science fiction writing, which has strong elements of exploration of all of these topics. I specialize in stories of culture clash and/or first contact, and has numerous strong female protagonists and characters, as well as a lot of diverse characters. I have a philosophical approach to publishing my work – everything is licensed via Creative Commons – freely sharable and modifiable.

I am happy to be a guest author on other blogs, either in exchange for blogging here, or just if you’re looking for interesting content about science fiction, and these issues.

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