What do we really know?

I meet with a speculative fiction writer’s group once a month. It’s a nice collection of Sonoma County writers, some writing science fiction, like me, others writing urban fantasy, straight-up fantasy, or even horror. There was a new member of the group, someone who knows a lot about quantum computing, … Continue reading

New Covers!

As a newbie first time self-published author, I made the terrible mistake of designing my own covers. With book 4 (The Expedition) I rectified that, but the first three books are still sporting my hand-made covers. Well, that is soon to be history! I’m in the process of getting the … Continue reading

The Ball is Rolling

I haven’t had as much time over the past several months to write, or pay attention to my writing. But finally, things are opening up, and I’ll have more time not only to write, but to do that marketing stuff I haven’t done well at all in the past. Here’s … Continue reading

Welcome to my new author blog!

I’m hoping to expand what I write about in this blog, and take on some topics I’ve been thinking about. I’ll be looking at the practice of writing, philosophical and social issues in science fiction, and other topics. I hope you enjoy! If you’re interested in guest blogging, please email … Continue reading

The Alien Invasion Trope

Ever since 1938, when the Orson Welles’ produced radio drama of The War of the Worlds scared the bejeebus out of everyone, by far the most dominant narrative involving aliens from outer space has been one of violent invasion of Earth. There have been countless books, films and TV series … Continue reading

Theology and Science Fiction

I am a theology geek. I was always a theology geek, but going to seminary brought it out more in me. I love thinking about the many ways in which human beings of any tradition make sense of the world, of the seen and the not seen. And I always … Continue reading

Next up: Becoming Queen

My next upcoming novel is called Becoming Queen. I'm doing final edits and formatting. Release Date: May 15, eBook only. Here's the blurb:  19-year-old Daneli is a tomboy who doesn’t get along with her mother. She’d rather be riding her horse or perfecting her archery skills than wearing finery and … Continue reading

Fiction vs. Non-fiction

I am between fiction projects, and I decided to really push on a project that has been on the back burner for over a year. It's a book about nonprofit technology, the field I've spent the last 18 years in, 12 years full-time. Writing non-fiction is in some ways a … Continue reading

How to write dystopia well

Did you actually think I had an answer to that? OK, well, I sorta do, but I think there are many ways to do it.  Dystopia and, it's converse, utopia, are two of the most common subjects and themes in science fiction. Even when novels don't make the dystopia itself … Continue reading

Going Vertical

“Going vertical” is a phrase used often in non-fiction and memoir writing. Going vertical means that in a sense, you are going deeper (and sometimes also higher) in perspective and description at certain points in a book. In memoir, this might involve delving much more deeply into a specific happening, … Continue reading

Whither paper?

I love books, I always have. Ever since I could read, I read all the time. I don't read nearly as much as I used to, because I write so much, but there was a time when I would read three or four nonfiction books a month, and five or … Continue reading

Worldbuilding, Part 5: Travel

I love to write about travel, and when I think about each of the books I've written, travel of one sort or another is an important, or even central, theme.  Space travel is one of the hallmarks of science fiction – a lot of classic science fiction has to do … Continue reading