Casitian Universe Series

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These are the first novels I wrote. This series starts with the premise that a large group of human beings were stolen from Earth during the Neolithic period, enslaved by an alien race, finally freed, and given their own planet. They return to Earth a few thousand years later in the early 2010’s.  Themes include culture clash, politics, spirituality, and the environment. And there are lots of surprises in store!

  • “The Casitians Return”
  • “The Story of New Earth”
  • “Humans Untied”
  • “The Expedition” (a prequel, set in the 19th century)
  • The Human Family” (sequel to “Humans Untied”)
  • In Progress: “Capture” (working title) – the story of the initial capture in the Neolithic – this book begins the Casitian Timeline, circa 3000 B.C.E.
  • Planned: “Reunion” (working title) – sequel to “The Human Family.” This book begins in 2123, and will end the Casitian Timeline, circa 3037.
  • Planned: “Falling, Rising” (working title) – sequel to “Capture”
  • Planned: “Release” (working title) – sequel to “Falling, Rising”
  • Planned: “Betrayal” (working title) – story of The Betrayal of Klor (and J’lec) set in about 1000 C.E. (or 2000 years after the release from Tud’scla captivity.)