The Casitians are Back!

It’s been quite some time since I released “The Expedition” back in 2012. But in that time, I have been working on two novels in that universe, a sequel to “Humans Untied“and a far-prequel – a novel that describes the original capture of human beings in the Neolithic period. The … Continue reading

What’s Next

So, I hope you’ve read my post about why I’m not publishing (that is, selling and marketing) my science fiction anymore. But, I said I’d still be writing, and I am. I just finished the final touches on the newest stand-alone novel, called “The Artifact.” I hope you enjoy reading … Continue reading

What Stories Do We Want To Tell?

I enjoyed my time at FogCon, and I ended up on more panels than I expected. Two in particular, “Focus on Ferguson”, and “Wash Your Hands Before Attending,” (the added panel in which we talked about epidemics, and the “big one”) made me think a lot about dystopia. As I’ve said elsewhere, … Continue reading

Find me at FogCon

I’ll be at at least two SF Cons this year – FogCon, which starts on Friday, and WisCon, which is in May. I’m on four panels at FogCon: “When your Traveler is my Colonizer“ “Focus on Ferguson“ “From the ice planet Hoth to Mars: how can we write about real … Continue reading

My Writerly Tools

It used to be that the tools that writers used were a typewriter and a pencil. Perhaps a dictionary or thesaurus by their side. Now, the number of interesting writing tools out there for speculative fiction writers is legion. Here are the ones I use fairly regularly: I would never, … Continue reading

Who do you relate to?

Part of the fun of reading or watching good fiction is getting inside the head of the characters, and being able to relate to them, and imagine yourself in their shoes. A long-standing issue in mainstream science fiction and fantasy (which is changing, but slowly) is that the main characters are most … Continue reading

Why I’m giving my books away

It’s a strange time in the publishing world. More and more authors are trying to go independent, leading to what some have called the “content glut” (or more crudely, the “self-publishing shit volcano“.) Major mainstream publishers have pretty much stopped publishing people who they would have even published a few years … Continue reading

My Writing Year

Of course, the end of one year, and the beginning of another is always a great time to reflect on what happened. Writing has it’s ups and downs, peaks and valleys, and this year had plenty of both. I published only one book, although I finished 3 complete drafts, and … Continue reading

Characters, Characters, Characters

I’ve been working hard on the sequel to “Becoming Queen.”  25,000 words and counting! There are a lot of characters in the first book, although there is only on point of view (POV) character, Daneli. However, in the sequel, there are several POV characters, which is something I tend to do … Continue reading

And the winner is…

I was puzzled about which to choose, the more realistic or the more comic-style look. I decided on the comic-style. I liked it better, in general. Daneli is on the left, Kaden, a new character from the  second book (he’s actually mentioned in the first book quite briefly.) I will … Continue reading

Vote for Daneli!

If you’ve read Becoming Queen, you know Daneli well. I decided I wanted to get an artist’s representation of her, and other characters of that book, as I’m working on a sequel right now. So I wanted people to vote on which Daneli they like best. These are my three … Continue reading

Science Fiction and Climate Change

Climate change has been a subject of science fiction for a very long time. I remember reading “The Sheep Look Up” in the late 70s (it was published in the early 70s,) and was very influential in my early life (along with Silent Spring, the non-fiction book by Rachel Carson.) … Continue reading

New Book: Friends with Wings

I’m really happy to announce that my next book, called “Friends with Wings” is going to be published this Friday! You can read an excerpt of it here. I am the featured author for September’s BroadPod, one of the Broad Universe podcasts, so you can also listen to an excerpt (about … Continue reading