The Joy of Worldbuilding

I love making stuff up. I guess that's why I'm a science fiction writer. It really makes me really happy to think about new ways the world could be, or new worlds that are completely different than the one we live in. I have as yet to write a novel … Continue reading

What I'm working on now

I figured I'd tell folks what I'm working on now. I'm about 30K words into the sequel of “The Right Asteroid,” which I have playfully called a space opera. That novel told the story of a time, almost 100 years in the future, where there are all sorts of colonies … Continue reading

Writing about Culture Clash

A lot of people ask me about the themes present in my writing. Of course there are themes relating to gender, race, and sexuality – I'm not sure it would be possible for me to write fiction without those themes. But if I were to identify the core theme in … Continue reading

My Kickstarter Project

I have just lauched my first Kickstarter Project. It is for support for the completion of the 4th novel in The Casitian Universe series. The premise of this fourth novel is: “What if a Casitian man visited Earth in 1859, and stayed during some of the Civil War? What if … Continue reading

Interviewing Characters

One of the things I like to do is interview my characters – especially those who aren't the protagonists – the ones who don't get much play. The novel I'm working on now, with a working title of “House Trageri”, is new for me for a couple of reasons. First, … Continue reading


This is a follow up to my previous post about Fantasy vs. Science Fiction. One of the cool things about Fantasy is the maps, and I have one for the new novel I'm starting. I thought it would be fun to share it. It's definitely a very early draft – … Continue reading

Fantasy vs. Science Fiction

I've been reading both fantasy and science fiction for years. Many, many years. I love them both, although I do tend to read much more science fiction than fantasy. And I've always considered myself strictly a science fiction writer… until now. I have a fantasy story that has been running … Continue reading

The Casitian Universe Expands

The Casitian Universe Series was originally meant to be one trilogy. It was designed to be three books which chronicled the twenty-five years or so after the Casitians contacted Earth, and life for humans on Earth and in the galaxy were forever different. I was going to finish the trilogy, … Continue reading

My influences

People often ask what writers do I read, and what are my influences. I figured that was a great subject for a blog post. First, the big picture. I've been reading science fiction pretty much since I started reading. The earliest science fiction I remember reading was A Wrinkle in Time, … Continue reading

Why I decided to Self-Publish

Self-publishing books used to have a bad reputation. That has changed a little bit over the past couple of years, but there definitely is the sense that people who get published “for real” must be better writers, and certainly have more cred. I decided to self-publish my novels for a … Continue reading

My novel is out!

  It's been almost 5 years since I wrote my first novel in the summer of 2006, a science fiction story about aliens who are human. It has finally made it to the light of day! After a lot of consideration about the current massive changes in the publishing world, … Continue reading

My Novels

Many of you know that I write science fiction. I've been writing science fiction since the summer of 2006, when I wrote my first novel – it was designed to be the first in a series of three. I subsequently wrote the second (which is mostly complete) and started the … Continue reading

On my way to WisCon

I'm quite excited – I'm on my way to WisCon, a feminist Science Fiction Convention. I'm doing a writing workshop on Friday, which I'm really excited about, then there are lots and lots of things going on until Sunday night. It's my first scifi con, which is kinda funny, since … Continue reading

Time for writing

Ruth and I are off to Provincetown for a week. It's part vacation, part writing retreat. I'm going to try and get further on my sequel, and also think about what I want to do with my first novel. It needs editing, still, but soon, it will be ready to … Continue reading