Humans Untied (The Casitian Universe Series, Book 3)

HU_largeDate Published: Wednesday, May 18, 2011

“Humans Untied” is Volume 3 of the Casitian Universe Trilogy. This novel takes off where “The Story of New Earth” (Volume 2) left off.

Things on Earth and New Earth are settling down, but then Terrans are faced with an almost insurmountable task, and are getting no help at first from the Casitians in pulling it off. In addition, things get hairy for humans all over the galaxy, as a new Edict from the Galactic Council means enormous changes in human life, all over the galaxy. 

Marianne and Ja’el reunite, and help the next generation, including Marianne’s neices, with a daunting task: preparing New Earth for massive immigration of Humans from Earth. And they all know that what happens may well determine history for 1000 years. 


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Just finished this series and I really enjoyed it! The idea behind the book was awesome and I loved how it was put together. Initially I was perplexed at all the alternative lifestyle characters but got used to it, its not my bag but hey it reflects reality and I dont have a problem with it. If I could ask the author a question it would be, what about all the pets? Did they stay or go? You will get it after you read the books!
All in all just wonderful! — Amazon Review


Chapter 1: Four Whlis Leaves, One White

(AP) August 1, 2025

World Government Process in Chaos, Some Say
New York, NY – As the world prepares to unite under one government, some skeptics  are pointing to chaotic procedures orchestrated by the United Nations, United      States, and the European Union. "They really don't understand the complexities of  the situation," said one participant, who wanted to remain anonymous. Although the conversion to the world currency, the Bancor, went without a hitch in 2017, many   observers suggest that a one-world democracy, even without much of the rancor that preceded the Casitian Crisis, is a much more difficult arrangement. "Yes, we have  some hurdles, but we've come quite far in working out the details, country by      country." Diana Westinghouse, one of the top candidates for World President, is    confident about the process. "Look, a lot of things we take on are complex, but we can do it, and we've got support and help from the galactic community. We'll do    fine."

Hilcyon, Mrontl 5 1158

Hreller shook his head. “I don’t think we’re ready, Pkygy. We have, by our count, 120 cells spread out around the city. And we do know of cells in many other cities. We need a critical mass of cells in each city before a takeover will be successful – this just isn’t widespread enough.”

Pkygy nodded with what seemed to Beatrice to be reluctance.

“Yes, yes, you are right – I guess it was wishful thinking that we could get started now. I’m impatient. I can feel change coming.”

Beatrice was in the back of the room, listening. She had felt out of the loop since they had started on Hilcyon. As a woman, she was considered simply Pkygy’s wife – someone who cooked, cleaned and took care of him, and was going to have his babies – she wasn’t someone who had a mind of her own, or ideas of her own. Pkygy respected her, but his friends and people they knew didn’t know how to respect women. She had let Pkygy lead, and he had been a good leader. He took her ideas, added his own, and grew the movement they had started.

She had begun to focus more on working with women she found who were sympathetic to their cause. The Independent Christian State on New Earth was demeaning to women, but Kinder society took it one step further – complete disenfranchisement. It was at times very difficult for Beatrice to tolerate, or to abide by the rules.

Hreller said, “I have a friend who is starting a cell in Wlyntry, in the Central Valley – I hear there are many, many cells in the Valley. And I have another relative who happens to be moving to the upper highlands. This will spread, faster than you think – but we must be careful. I had a very close one with a suspicious Fourth Chief. He was playing sympathetic, but then I was beginning to tell it was an act. Luckily, I caught that before I invited him to the cell!”

Pkygy turned to the tall, broad-shouldered man next to him named Jren. Of his colleagues, Jren had been the most respectful to her.

“Jren, do you have anything to report?”

Beatrice thought his quiet voice belied strength of will that she had seen on occasion.

“Yes, Pkygy. As you know, I am being groomed to be promoted from a Fourth Chief to a Third Chief. My Second Chief had me over for drinks. When he was well into his cups, he let me know how unhappy he is with the way things are. I think he is a prime target. Like you, he respects his wife, and says he feels like we stifle creativity and waste talent, and we need to foster more independence to help the Kinder people grow and mature. He even confessed to me that he really wanted to be a story teller, not a Second chief!”

“Yes, Jren, that sounds like someone who could be a great asset to the movement. Thank you all for coming. We will meet again next moon.” The meeting broke up, and the men left the house one by one, leaving Pkygy and Beatrice alone in the house.

“I am quite optimistic, Beatrice. I keep being surprised by how many people are unhappy with the way things are. I look forward to flexing our muscle.”

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