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Do you like your science fiction with a healthy dose of progressive social commentary? Do you like characters of color? Strong women? Queer characters? If you ask big questions like: “What would it be like to have different family structures?” or “What if there were truly peaceful alien societies?” or “What can happen when we colonize other planets – can we fix what we got wrong here?” then my science fiction is for you!

I do love it when people buy my books, but what’s more important to me is that people get to read them. I’d like to give away as many of my books as I can, to start conversations about big questions and issues we face on this planet today. I’ve got the talking stick, and by giving these books away, I’m passing it on to you. After you’ve read the books, I’d love it if the conversation continued, on this blog, on Facebook and Twitter, anywhere!  Starting in December, and each month of 2015, I’ll be highlighting one of my books, and giving it away! Join my “Book of the Month” club, no strings attached!
castians_return_largeJanuary’s book is “The Casitians Return”. Sign up below to get your free copy and start the conversation!

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