The Story of New Earth (The Casitian Universe Series, Book 2)

NEW EARTH_MEDPublished Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Story of New Earth is Volume 2 of the Casitian Universe series. This novel takes off where “The Casitians Return” left off.

Many human beings from Earth have settled on a new planet, called “New Earth.” This planet is large and verdant, and a wide variety of people have begun to make their home there. Follow the New Americans, led by Gerard, who failed in his attempt to gain the US Presidency during the “Casitian Crisis.” Leticia and Beatrice, Marianne’s neices, travel far and wide.

Humans on Earth and on New Earth learn of a new danger that they must contend with. Marianne comes back to New Earth, humans are put on trial by the Galactic Community, and the Casitians must face the consequences of their actions. Follow a host of old and new characters in this adventure.

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I really enjoyed this book, almost as much as the first book… This book leaves me wanting more. — Review on Amazon


Chapter 1: Under Tulip Trees

Those who settled Casiti tried hard to understand those who wanted to stay behind. In the end, that understanding did not come, and in its place, came the name: Za’aref.—Ul’tretor (20)

Independent Christian State, New Earth, Month 1, Year 3

Leticia sat brooding under her favorite tulip tree in a grove she’d found about a mile from the edge of their settlement. It had become her refuge very soon after they had landed. She was unhappy, again and still. She felt, yet again, her anger at her mother and father’s decision to move here. She didn’t understand why her parents wanted to leave Earth, and she hadn’t wanted to. It had been two years, or one Earth Year, and it seemed to Leticia like forever. And she knew she’d never get to go back home, or to Casiti, where she really wanted to go.
It was getting toward fifteenth hour, and she knew her mother would be wondering where she was, so she got up and made her way home. As she walked in the door, she saw her mother cleaning up their dwelling, and her little sister Beatrice was playing with her toys.

“Leticia, your father and I need to go to a church meeting now. I need you to stay here with your sister.”
“OK, mom, that’s fine. See you later.” Leticia was happy to get some time without her mother around. She could spend the time compiling the notes she’d been taking on her explorations, and the plants and animals that she’d found.

The next day, Leticia sat at the back of her classroom, restless and uncomfortable in the all-in-one desks of the small classroom. It was inside one of the prefab buildings that had been put up just after landing. The new school hadn’t been built yet. Of course, churches were first, and next were the houses of the powerful people in the settlement.

Her ninth grade science class was boring, and she knew it was all wrong. She didn’t understand why her classmates just went along with it. She’d read a lot of science before they moved to New Earth. She’d even read parts of Darwin’s The Origin of Species. But this class was all based on the Bible’s origin stories. And she tired of hearing things that were patently ridiculous, parroted by a teacher who clearly didn’t comprehend a whole lot of real science.

She knew that she didn’t have any choice. All of the schools in the Independent Christian State were run entirely by a group of ministers. All of the schools taught, as they called it, a “Biblically-based education.” They read the Bible in English class, studied the history of Christianity in Social Studies, and then had what she felt was pseudoscience in the Science class. Leticia hated all of that. Luckily, her math teacher had realized how talented she was, and had taken her under his wing, and she was now doing much more advanced math than the other students in her class. She felt that was keeping her from complete insanity.


She raised her head, realizing that she had not been paying attention at all to what her teacher had been saying for the last while. She looked at what was on the board. Oh, talking about fossils back on Earth. She dredged up her knowledge about the reasons why these people thought fossils weren’t as old as they really were. She scratched her short Afro, as if in thought. She looked down at her notebook, as if looking at her notes. But there was only a blank page.

“Because it is impossible that the earth is older than about 6,000 years, so the dinosaurs and humans must have coexisted,” she said it with certainty, emphasizing the “impossible” and “must.”

The teacher smiled, nodded, and said “Yes, Leticia, thank you very much.”

Leticia had realized a long time ago that this teacher really didn’t care what you said, as long as it fit into her paradigm. And Leticia thought it was even stranger that they insisted on teaching this, even when they were on a completely different planet than Earth, and had learned much about the galaxy in the last few years.

The bell rang, and she put her notebook into her book bag, walking out with the other students. She was on her way to her required class in sewing. She was getting into a foul mood, when Susanna ran up to come beside her, her long blond hair waving.

“Leticia, come over to my house after school? My parents won’t be home until right before dinner.”

Leticia smiled. She really liked spending time with Susanna. Susanna was a good friend. She had liked the Casitians too, and had come here against her will. Her father was the pastor of one of the local churches, the largest in this settlement. They had gotten so large that they had been given special dispensation to build a new building. And that made her father powerful in the settlement. Susanna, though, didn’t like it.

“Yeah, OK. My mother won’t mind. It will be fun!” She wished for the days when she had a cell phone, and she could just call and ask. But her mother liked that she had a friend who was the daughter of someone so powerful, so she knew that it would be fine.

“OK, I’ll see you after school!” Leticia watched Susanna bound off, to get lost in the crowd of students going to classes.

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